Lisbon Fashion Week – 2012

Lisbon Fashion Week, "Freedom"

Client: L’oreal Professionnel
Agency: That Image
Photography, Report 2012


The Portuguese brand was created by Catarina Sequeira, fashion designer with a degree on Gudi Fashion school since 1995; In 2002 started a mini collection for ModaLisboa store- LAB design – for young designer. but it was in 2007 that she launched SAYMYNAME with seasonal collections for global market.

18H00 – Saymyname (LAB) – Sala A

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  • Evgenia Tabakova and Pedro Noronha-Feio

    Evgenia Tabakova and Pedro Noronha-Feio

White Tent

Since its creation in 2009, White Tent has been engaged in manipulating pattern-cutting and using innovative materials. White Tent’s language has developed to become an understated exploration of design concepts. They strongly believe in social responsibility and are working on ways of making White Tent a sustainable practices brand.

19H00 – White Tent – Sala B

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Lidija Kolovrat

A contemplative and philosophic person yet hands-on and business driven Kolovrat leaves her Bakery behind and reconstitutes her Lab at the centre of the city and opens a store, another stage emerges, with her interdisciplinary and community awareness  the space would serve manny purposes, from events to workshops.

20H00 – Lidija Kolovrat – Sala C

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  • Luis Buchinho

    Luis Buchinho

Luis Buchino

The brand that designates the designer namesake is on the market for 20 years. He is a constant presence since 1991 at Moda Lisboa, in Portugal Fashion since 1996 and in Paris Fashion Week since 2009. This course is punctuated by the designer´s creative evolution as a brand.He began marketing his brand in 1992 in Portugal.

21H30 – Luís Buchinho – Sala C

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Day 2


V!TOR is an exclusive streetwear brand with a unique, personal twist. Proud to be locally produced and soon to be globally distributed, its strongest resources and inspiration are the local creativity, tiny subcultures and lifestyles surrounding it.

18H00 – Vítor (LAB) – Sala A

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Katty Xiomara

The brand’s philosophy falls within the concept of designer-driven pieces that are aspirational yet accessible, elegant and timeless, sophisticated but playful, ultra-feminine with perfect tailoring, meticulous structures and shapes, bold use of colour and print; for women who are confident in themselves and their style choices, strong attitude, individual style and by with a romantic spirit.

19H00 – Katty Xiomara – Sala B

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Dino Alves

The enfant terrible of the Portuguese fashion world was born in Arcos, Anadia in 1967. He studied painting at the Oporto Art Polytechnic, going on to study photography at the INEF Institute. After working at the Portuguese Cinema Archives, he first exhibited at the 1994 “Manobras de Maio” and began designing for the theatre.In addition to taking part in numerous national fashion events.

20H00 – Dino Alves – Sala C

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Ricardo Preto

Since 2016, he’s designing Ricardo Preto exclusively for Rustan’s Men and Woman, and U by Ricardo Preto for Rustan’s Men and Woman, as well as accessories for both lines, being now sold in the Asian Market.

21H30 – Ricardo Preto – Sala C

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Day 3

Valentim Quaresma

Valentim expresses creativity through fashion and art. He studied in the School of arts António Arroio and in’s Jewellery department. He worked with Ana Salazar, the pioneer of Portuguese fashion, creating jewellery and accessories for her collections. Since 2008 then Valentim has been presenting his own collections internationally

14H30 – Valentim Quaresma – Sala A

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Os Burgueses

We see our collections as mirrors of our souls. We intend to give society our story, our questions and our signature… a metamorphosis of plenteous ideas. What we do has a message, is personal but is for everyone. What moves us is the connection between past and future for a present society, where the old tricks are mixed with our innovative point of view.

15H30 – Os Burgueses (LAB) – Sala B

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Day 3

  • Daniel Dinis

    Daniel Dinis

Daniel Dinis

“My versatility is marked by working in multiple settings and platforms, including styling for advertising, fashion editorials, theatre/dance as well as collaborative photography work and concepts for interiors and spaces.”

16H30 – Daniel Dinis (LAB) – Sala A

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Maria Gambina

Maria Gambina, marca criada em 1992, num percurso que tanto se liga à moda como à música, e que depois liga tudo entre si. Formada no CITEX e actualmente coordenadora da Licenciatura em Design de Moda da ESAD, desde 92 que a sua carreira é preenchida por colecções, vestuário personalizado para serviços, figurinos para televisão e teatro, guarda-roupa para músicos e apresentações, entre vários prémios e números “um”.

17H30 – Maria Gambina – Sala C

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